Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

This is the last in a series that has been part of the dinner I made for my friends Megan and Tom.  Tom and I have the same job at different campuses, and as a result, we’ve been attending several of the same conferences this summer.  Our most recent adventure, last week, involved him bringing my suitcase to our conference in Indianapolis because I was jet setting back and forth across the country, attending a reunion in Colorado.  When Tom and I were in Indianapolis, we went over to New Day Craft Cider and Mead.  As we were tasting the delicious ciders (and slightly disagreeing on our favorites), he mentioned that rhubarb had not been an ingredient he had frequently tasted.  It’s not question I love the rhubarb, as evidenced by here, here, here, here, and here.  So, I knew that I needed to make something with rhubarb for dessert.  Looking at the Celebrating the Midwestern Table cookbook, I saw a recipe for Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp and knew it would be a great way to end our meal.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

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Cinnamon Roasted Chicken with Orange-Cinnamon Sauce

As I shared earlier this week, I had some friends over for dinner and I was looking for some recipes which would be entertained by a 5-year old, but also stay towards the realm of healthy.  In addition the more complex vegetable slaw (perhaps the riskiest of the dishes put together), I pulled out another cookbook I’d purchased called Poor Girl Gourmet.  I have a couple other items on my to-cook list for the year in this cookbook, but I was scouring it looking for a main dish option.  And, the goal was to not make it spicy.  The Cinnamon Roasted Chicken with Orange-Cinnamon Sauce looked to be the winner.

Cinnamon Roasted Chicken

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Red Cabbage Slaw with Broccoli and Red Pepper

This week I had some friends and their daughter over for dinner and decided to try a bunch of new recipes with them.  Worst option: I could always order pizza, right?

The first item I’ll share with you from the menu was a side — a red cabbage slaw.  Tons of the ingredients are starting to come into season here in Iowa, and so I could find them easily in the grocery store.  I missed the farmer’s market due to some traveling, so I needed to head to the store.  I used basil from my own backyard and put this together for us to munch on.

The recipes are from a cookbook I purchased through a used book store, called Celebrating the Midwest Table.  In fact, two of the recipes were from this cookbook, so you’ll see me refer to it again later this week.

Isn’t the salad fabulously colorful??

Red Cabbage Slaw with Broccoli and Red Pepper

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Roasted Maple-Chile Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes

To join the Maple-Brined Pork Tenderloin made last weekend, I decided to try out a recipe from The Vegetable Butchera great new cookbook that is all about the vegetables.  I was paging through the cookbook and knew that with the maple flavoring I was using in the tenderloin, this would be a great compliment.

After a long afternoon of pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and power washing the porch, this relatively low-intensive recipe.  We all agreed this was a keeper of a recipe.  Besides the brussels sprouts, I had everything on-hand, which is also a plus.  I had found a package of farro in the cupboard as I was cleaning it out a week or so ago.  So, there was additional benefits to making it.  Next time, I would add more red pepper flakes, as there was not much heat to the recipe.

Roasted Maple-Chile Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes.jpg

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Maple-Brined Pork Tenderloin

Recently, I have found myself reading, looking at, and sometimes purchasing cookbooks that are a compilation of cooking magazines throughout the year.  I have frequently read and used Cooking Light annual recipe collections.  For this particular recipe, I found myself looking through a collection of Food and Wine recipes.  The recipe appeared to have an additional step (brining) that I don’t often take the time to do, but this one turned out quite nicely.

I did make a couple adjustments to the recipe — primarily in that I (with the help of my dad), grilled the tenderloin at the end instead of following the recipe instructions: to brown and then bake them.

Maple Pork Tenderloin

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