Classic Deviled Eggs

We had our end of the year gathering for our staff earlier this week and as often happens, we each brought a different dish to share with the group.  After looking at what everyone else was bringing, I decided we could use something that wasn’t a dip or a sandwich, but instead was another classic appetizer which I see on the menus of upscale restaurants and neighborhood bar and grills the same — the deviled egg.  I looked through a few cookbooks and ultimately landed on Saveur’s The New Classics Cookbook to provide the recipe.  I made a couple of not-too-noticeable adjustments to the recipe based on ingredients I had on-hand.

Classic Deviled Eggs.jpg

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Sweet Potato Crisp

This weekend was great outside.  It was almost 60 degrees outside and it was perfect weather to start grilling and pretending it was spring.  When I came across a recipe for Sweet Potato Crisp in a church cookbook — the same one where I found the drop cookies and m&m oatmeal cookies.

Looking for some more recipes for the blog. #yum #recipes #churchcookbooksarethebest

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This recipe for Sweet Potato Crisp sounded great and like a nice change from other sweet potato recipes.

Sweet Potato Crisp.jpg

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Golden Potato Soup

A couple weeks ago I had the flu.  Not the “I-don’t-feel-well-it-must-be-the-flu,” but the I-went-to-the-doctor-and-he-ran-a-test-for-influenza-flu.  It knocked me out.  For three days I don’t know what happened.  In fact, I had  a couple moments where I had to call people and ask what we had discussed on the phone while I was sick.

When I finally started feeling well enough to sit upright again, I started looking through recipe books for a few things to make and came across this recipe for golden potato soup in one of my church cookbooks.  I thought this might be worth making, since it would provide warmth.

Golden Potato Soup.jpg

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Roasted Asparagus

To help with our Easter meal on Sunday, I volunteered to make a vegetable.  Wanting to make sure that I made something that had an appropriate nod to spring, I took note of the sales the grocery store was having on asparagus, and I could not think of a better thing to make.  I looked online for some different recipes and came across this one from Food, Faith, and Fitness.  I followed the instructions on the dressing for the asparagus, but decided to make some adjustments to cooking the asparagus itself.

Roasted Asparagus.jpg

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Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter!  Today my dad showed me a photo of something he had seen in a magazine and suggested we recreate it for our Easter lunch table.  So, below you will see our bunny rabbit made from fruit.

It wasn’t too challenging to make, so I’m not going to write out the instructions.  Suffice it to say, core the pineapple, slice it, and spread fruit around it.

So, if you celebrate Easter, I’m wishing you a happy one!  If you don’t, and need a rabbit for a party, check this out as well!

pineapple bunny.jpg