Winter Strikes! Again!

On Sunday we went to go start this week of running, only to find little kids practicing baseball on the track, the gym not yet open, and plans filling the rest of the day. Frustrating! We are just trying to get our run on and there is no space for us to do this in. So, instead my running friend and I ventured across campus in the snow to eat some brunch and discuss life and its travails. We spent some time discussing what friendship is and what makes someone important enough to stick around for. Or wait around for. It’s interesting how that changes. My running partner (who I’m getting tired of typing out running partner, so will henceforth be referred to as RP) and I have definitely been acquaintances in the past and now are becoming great friends. There are definitely things I feel I can vent/complain/celebrate with her that I don’t necessarily feel with other folks and I am always appreciative of when those people enter my life. It makes running easier, which is a plus, but also allows me to use the running time as processing time, which is one of the things running is said to provide for folks. While this blog isn’t meant to divulge information, I have been feeling somewhat abandoned for a variety of reasons in the past few weeks and am thankful RP is increasing in importance in my life. I’m even more thankful that I think RP is one of those folks who will be in my life regardless of location.
So, back to the running. Yesterday was a snow day. That’s what Minnesota will bring, but this morning we got up early and got our run on. We are supposed to do 3 25 minute runs this week. I had created a playlist last week to run to and did on Thursday morning, but it ended up being highly disappointing, and so searched long and hard for other playlists. This morning was solid. I’m hoping each week I can create a different playlist so I’ll have a selection of familiar, yet upbeat, songs when it’s time for the half. At some point about 2/3 of the way through this morning’s run, I hit a wall of some sort. I started to change my form for running and it was evident this was the case later. It was pretty fun, though. I think it helped break some of the monotony of running around the track. Seriously…can spring arrive soon so that we can go outside? We run again Thursday morning and my plan is to bring a lap counter with to check our pace/distance. In a little over a month we start our true training program for the half and it would be nice to know whether we are closer to or further from our 3-mile beginner’s mark. We’ll get it figured out.
In success moments for now, there are some clothes which are fitting me in a way I appreciate much more. In not so successful moments, I picked up my bridesmaid dress which a month ago had fit me okay, and I was not a fan of how it was looking. My assumption is it will be fixed in a few weeks work to make it better for me.
Lent is around the corner. Things to work on: cutting down on sugar intake, and being more careful with my language. It’s gotten a little out of control in the recent few weeks…


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