Baby It's Cold Outside

I kid you not. While for years I have thought campus has got to be colder than any other place, this morning I obtained proof. As I left my house this morning, it was -2 degrees outside. Not too shabby. Not great, but workable. As I drove onto campus, the temperature approached -15! It was chilly! Logic tells me I couldn’t have felt much of a difference between those two temperatures, but it was not a pleasant experience for me… Oh well.

RP and I made it through the morning all right. There were some snowplow incidents in arriving and departing, but it worked out overall. At a little over a mile, I hit a wall, but having RP there helped me get through it. RP also had a brief wall, but we just kept going. Overall, we ran 1 ¾ miles in our 25 minutes, which is about a 14 minute mile…not the best, but as we grow more comfortable, I have no doubt our speed will increase. And our distance.

All for now…


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