Running Outdoors

Hmm…in the brisk outdoor temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit, RP and I ran outside today. Our yesterday running plan was once again thwarted by a youth baseball team. We had braved soccer players last week in our running space and this week it seemed unlikely this would be a good idea, with baseballs being so much smaller and more likely to hit us in the face while we were running. In addition, it was going to be a crazy “fit into our time” rather than a much-desired running for the sake of running time. So, we postponed our run to today, while knowing we will wake up super early tomorrow morning to run again.

With the weather being sunny and needing to change things up (aka not go on the treadmills indoors if we could avoid it), we braved the outdoor cold and ran for a full 30 minutes. I need to double check the distance we ran when I drive to town in a little bit, but I’m feeling like we did a pretty good job. Tomorrow morning will no doubt be a big pain, but that’s how it goes.

In other news, I find this lent I am struggling with the loss of a friendship. Several friends have recognized the lack of friendship between this individual and myself. And, as I contemplate my future here, I am disappointed in the ways in which I am unable to relate to this friend (forever now referred to as LF – Lost Friend). LF and I were great friends last year and until October of this year. We frequently think quite similarly and as a result were frequent collaborators on projects. However, since the friendship has been lost, it’s almost as though we are strangers or avoid each other, which just annoys me. I’m saddened that LF and I had created a friendship which I assumed would be a relationship in which I was invested for several years to come, and here it has ended so abruptly that I don’t even know where to go with it. So, this is one of the things I think about while running. I continue to pray that I am given guidance as to what this person is meant to be in my life. While I don’t want to focus my running time on this, I hope that in my running and focus on self, I can give LF up to God and understand what is important to me. I thought that LF was someone who was important to me, but at this point, I don’t have anywhere else to go with the relationship.

As much as I lament LF in my daily prayers, I also continue to give praise and thanks for RP. She was so full of energy today and last time we ran, she stuck with it despite an ache in her side. Today I was feeling rather blasé about running, but she was all over it and kept cheering us on. Hooray for RP! She adds a whole new level of fun to this running adventure. Even on the ice-covered sidewalks, she was there cheering us on and saying how great it was we were out and running and accomplishing different distances of running. I was about ready to quit 1/3 of the way into today’s run and she just kept pushing us, probably without even realizing it.

And, on the bright side, today also included a new playlist. Once we get to distance-focused runs instead of time focused runs, we’ll have another playlist…but for today, I heard:

1. Thug Style — Ciara (walk warm up)

2. Walk Away (Tony Moran Mix) – Kristine W.

3. Mouthwash (Hot Chip Remix) – Kate Nash

4. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

5. American Life (Headcleaner Rock Mix) – Madonna

6. Gold Digger – Kanye West

7. Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado

8. Going the Distance – Cake

9. Walk it Out – Unk (cooldown)


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