Running Twice in 24 hours…or less

Because RP and I couldn’t run on Sunday, we added in yesterday’s training adventure. However, this also means that we ended up running last night and this morning. Not to mention the fact that I ended up having a dinner to go to last night and didn’t get home until late. Needless to say today is dragging a little bit. This morning’s run was dragging, although do-able. Not yet enjoyable, but do-able. Today keeps going longer and longer, knowing that tonight I have a meeting that begins at 9 p.m. and tomorrow will follow much of the same schedule. It’s a good thing spring break will arrive next week, because then it will be full of adventure. Or rest. Or a little bit of both. Even if the students don’t need a break yet, I need them to be gone for a little while.

Overall, though, I believe running has made me a more positive person. I just feel happier most of the time. Sometimes I get the giggles for no explicable reason (usually during mass, which some would say is a bad thing). Things just entertain me and I feel good about life overall. My students were detecting people’s spirit animals yesterday and they told me I was an orangutan because I smile so much. That is something people would have said to me years ago, but not something I would have associated with myself in recent days, so it was great to hear this. Generally I believe myself to be an optimist and I am thankful that running has helped me to be able to share this part of my identity with the world once again…not that running is the only factor, but it seems to be making a difference.


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