Hitting the 4 Mile Mark

So, yesterday morning I ran 4 miles. It may not seem like much to most avid runners, but it seems that every time I hit a new distance, I feel a new sense of accomplishment. RP is out of town at a conference and so my roommate who has been struggling to return to a running pattern joined me on my 4 miles. Unlike RP and me, she runs in virtually complete silence. This was quite the change from what I usually experience. However, with my iPod along and the “Steady and Sweaty” mix keeping me company, the 4 miles seemed to go by rather quickly. The run took just under an hour, and I received confirmation that our running is at a relatively steady pace. It seemed like I had so much to say yesterday morning and couldn’t get there before mass, so I will stop for now…but more to come again soon…


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