Run Complete…Now Running in a Different Variety

So, I ran the half marathon. I wasn’t super fast, but I did get it done. Now it’s two and a half months later and I haven’t been able to get back into my running mode. My running partner got a new job and moved a few hours away but that’s really just one more excuse in a long list of excuses. The new school year has started now, though, and I am hoping that this will mean I can start getting into a regular routine once again. I worked out last night for the first time in awhile. Even though I haven’t been running in the exercise form lately, I feel like I’ve been running on empty. It’s been a busy few months. And, while the busyness won’t end for awhile yet, it’s hit a few high points already. One high point would be my students creating this video to show to all of the incoming students. I think you’ll like seeing it, so I’m posting it in here. It’s my first time embedding a video, so here’s hoping it works!

Thanks for reading! And, here’s hoping for a run in the morning!


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