Modified Nine Patch

I’ve nearly completed the top of the Modified Nine Patch I’ve been working on. I started by purchasing a few of the Moda Freebird Charm Packs — I think I only purchased one of them, but there may have been two. I also had purchased a honeybun or jellyroll of the fabric. Inspired by the “Off the Grid” recipe on the Moda Bake Shop, I picked the fabric up at Gruber’s Quilt Shop. I’d finished the nine patches several months ago, but didn’t ever get to the slicing and dicing component of the quilt.

Well, when I moved, I found the ziploc with the nine patches and all and now that I have time to sew, I wanted to finish some projects…work on destashing and general cleaning up of what I’ve got. So, finish one project to move onto the next, I consider this completed until after my class at Gruber’s next week learning about how to machine quilt on my own sewing machine. For now, this seems wonderful.

I began by cutting the outside vertical parts of the nine patch to insert some of the honeybun.

After I had done that for both sides of the modified nine patch, I decided to do one horizontal stripe through the block to add some continuity to the pattern, but varied which row it happened in to add some surprise to the pattern.

Once I had sewn each of the three rows together, I still had a great deal of the honeybun left. I started sewing it together in long strips. I then used these to add more vertical length to the quilt through horizontal rows of honeybun:

Finally, I sewed all of the rows together. And, I love how it turned out. It’s a very busy pattern, but I think that adds to the fun of the quilt!

Thanks for looking!


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