Finishing Up Some Projects

Sometimes finishing a project is the most difficult. Lately, I’ve started several projects, gotten half way done with them and lost the motivation to finish. Either they aren’t turning out exactly how I want them or I’m nervous about what to do. Anyhoo, this weekend and tonight was the night of finishing projects. Sometimes it just takes a kick in the boot-ay. In this case, when I was at home last weekend I brought my sewing machine and my mom got to try it. That led to her deciding to purchase a new sewing machine, too. So, in the grand style of her and I doing things together from a distance, I wanted to keep going with my sewing as well.

On Sunday I finally finished quilting the first quilt I have “quilted” on my sewing machine. It was agreat accomplishment to get it done and I’ll keep working on my freestyle skills to get more done here. I need to finish a few other projects before I will feel comfortable doing so on a large quilt. But, for now, I’ll work on this part. Tonight I did the machine part of the binding and then will hand sew over the next few days.

I also have been working on a mini-wallet that I want to start selling in my etsy shop. I’ve only been selling some scarves and purses I’ve knit for gifts and have yet to give away, but now am working to get a few sewing-related items in there. I’m not looking to necessarily start a huge business, but mostly I like to make things and can only handle so much space.

So, I also sewed the binding onto my Irish Chain quilt and will take it to work tomorrow to use the old table and pin it together. Then I can decide how I am going to quilt it and work on that over the weekend. I have some rather bold fabric for the back…what do you think? Too much?

Finally, I’m starting to plan a couple of quilt blocks for the different quilting bees I am in. I received fabric for a couple of the bees and bought some fabric for some swaps. It’s so much fun to learn new skills and make things for other people. More to come soon with those!


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