Sick at Home…Might as well Craft

Well, I’ve been home the past couple of days recovering from a severe cold. It’s not really been all that bad, per say, but in the world of the first significant cold I’ve had in a couple years, so it was a bit overwhelming. I had class last night and it was one of those places where I was continuously thinking whether it would be more distracting to stay in the room and cough or leave the room and cough. Ugh!

But, in those moments where the medicine was kicking in and I wasn’t sleeping, I was able to do some crafting. Mostly, I finished up a scarf I have been knitting and then finally finished squaring up all of the squares for the Freckled Whimsy Charm Pack Quilt-along. Perhaps by the end of the weekend, I’ll have finished the top of the quilt.

Okay, off to rest a bit again…hope you are having a happy crafting day!

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