Updating Etsy

I just added a bunch of new items to my etsy site: http://www.gwensgroovygoods.etsy.com and updated my profile.

Now it says:
Welcome to my shop! It seems you are looking to find out a bit more information about me and I am thrilled to share this with you!
I work in Student Activities on a college campus, which means I spend my days, nights, and weekends with college students. We plan events, develop different skills, and try to create a sense of being around college outside of the academic classroom. This means that any given day may involve a presentation on leadership, contracting a band, and working with a lot of great students. My work is so rewarding!
Over the past few years, I’ve found myself needing to reconnect with the feeling of creation. As a single member of society, I want to contribute my stuff, but with a need to rejuvenate through my crafting, I end up doing this generally late at night, early in the morning, or during the brief time in the evening when one thing has ended and another is about to start. On occasion I try to get some friends together so that We can “Get-Down-and-Crafty-with-Our-Bad-Selves.” But, it doesn’t work as frequently as I’d like.
Although I started quilting back in elementary school, I’ve taken a looooooong hiatus from it. Recently, I obtained a new sewing machine and quilting has come back to me quickly. As an avid knitter, I’ve accumulated yarn and scarves a plenty. In thinking about how to continue with these wonderful activities, but still maintain my day job for the time-being, I’ve opened up this Etsy shop.
A lover of all things polyester and retro, Gwen’s Groovy Goods seemed expansive enough to let me try different things out, but reflective of my personality. You can also learn more about my process through my blog: https://iwillmakecrafts.wordpress.com
Take a look around, enjoy what you see, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to share my world of crafty-goodness with you.

Planning to do some crafting ASAP here! Look for more soon!


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