Getting Things Done – Knitting, Quilt Blocking, and Quilting

What a busy weekend! I kept wanting to post, but it’s been awhile and I haven’t done much to update the blog lately. So, here’s some updates with photos!

Last week I wrote a couple times saying that I had added things to the Etsy shop and/or finishedknitting some scarves.  Here are a few pictures. Using KnitPicks Cadena in Cranberry, I did this mistake rib scarf. It’s wide and long and I love it. It matches so many different campus colors and is a great unisex scarf for folks to be able to wear.





Secondly, I finished this mistake rib scarf, knit with my favorite yarn MoonCake yarn. Unfortunately, Mooncake isn’t made anymore, but this orange scarf is so soft and warm. If I could gather any of the Mooncake leftover in the world, I would do it and embrace with my whole heart.






Third, I have been trying to destash all of my yarn and stuff. As I was looking through what I had available, I found this Galway wool yarn which I had used to make a kid’s hat a few years ago. I didn’t have enough for an entire scarf, so I made a cowl with a pseudo-cable in it. I love how it turned out and am in search of a couple super funky buttons for it. I listed it on the Etsy site, but will update it soon with the new buttons.

Since then, knitting wise, I’ve picked up some light gray yarn I had to destash and am doing the mistake rib there as well. I love the mistake rib as it is so versatile, unisex and adds a little pattern to the scarf. As long as the color matches the individuals receiving it, the scarf works! The other knitting news is that I am preparing for a trip to Baltimore later this week for a wedding, but needed a project I could use for the plane and while waiting around during the rehearsal dinner, so I found a couple skeins of a yarn I had picked up a year ago which I love. It’s got great multicolor to it and I am excited to see how it looks when it’s all done. It’s Colinette Prism. Has anyone else used this yarn?

Okay, so the majority of my weekend was spent sewing. As much as I didn’t intend to do so, I spent the majority of yesterday and some of today sewing along. On Friday I pinned two quilts together after work real quick so that it would be ready to go. One of them is the Irish Chain I’ve been working on. The other one I pinned together was a quilt top I had made awhile ago.

Next, I sewed together the blocks for the various quilting bees of which I am a part. The easiest of the blocks for October was the Solid Bee Block. Kelly picked out some great grays and yellows and we were instructed to do a bit of a wonky log cabin-ish block. For the most part it turned out how I wanted it to, so I am pleased by this.




The second block I sewed together was for the Simply Strings Bee. It was my first time doing a string block and I love the blues, yellows, and greens that were sent out for this bee. I started by cutting all of my colors into different lengths and then started sewing them together. It turned out really well and I like the number of different colors that showed up for the bee. I can’t wait to see what the finished quilt looks like.

The third block I did was my first paper piecing. I’ve been thinking about it for the last several days and not able to conceptualize it. Finally, this morning it all clicked for me. I had some great help from the different tutorials which were sent out for the block, but what helped most of all was some encouragement from Cara. I tweeted about my frustrations and she came through offering advice/support yesterday. I took some time away from it and it all came together! Thanks again, Cara!

Yesterday afternoon when I was struggling with the Flying Geese block, I took time to finish sewing my blocks together for Freckled Whimsy’s Charm Pack Quiltalong. I laid the blocks out over the weekend and decided on my layout for it. The rows are currently sewn together in length and the rows are half sewn together. But mid-afternoon I couldn’t sit in front of my sewing machine any longer. I needed to step away and do some other stuff. I have my backing, my borders, etc picked out. While I am stepping away from sewing for the next few days because I am headed out of town next weekend for a wedding and to visit my sister in Ohio, I am continuing to think about the quilts I have awaiting. Anyone know of fabric shops I should be sure to stop by in Columbus?

I’m also trying to figure out what color combinations I should consider for further little wallets for my Etsy shop. I know I’m talking a lot about the shop, but I’m trying to get it going and figure out what types of items might have interest for people.

Finally, this weekend I really got to thinking about what I want to make for my swaps I’m a part of. For the Saint Nicholas Swap, I cut out fabric for the Meandering Path Quilt. I’m using 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain, which is one of my favorite new quilt lines. I think it will be a popular use by lots of people. I also purchased some small felt wool balls that I want to do some sort of wreath or something with. For the Modern Swappers blog, I’m working on a wall hanging with some great fabric by Anna Maria Horner. I fell in love with a tree skirt that she had done in felt a few years ago and while I watched for it to go on sale, I couldn’t get it at that point, so it will always be one of those “wish-I-would-have” situations…

Okay, I’m off. Likely no news from me for a couple weeks. Happy quilting and knitting!



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