Christmas Day French Toast

Do you ever have those weeks when you only want to eat one thing? Perhaps it’s because of the sugar detox I’m going through, but I seem to only want to eat fresh, cold, light things. Most recently, cereal has been meeting this bill. Last night I made the Spicy Thai Peanut Chicken Enchiladas which have looked good for about a month, but which I have been avoiding cooking, and they tasted all right. Who knows if it was the jar of peanut satay sauce, the lack of cilantro, or what, but they just didn’t hit the spot. I found myself wanting to eat a bowl of cereal. Nothing can quite meet my desire for fresh food the way cereal can. And it’s been this way for about six months.

But, that doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s cooking or what I’m going to share for a recipe today. Today I’m sharing the French Toast recipe from when we made it during Christmas. We used the lefse griddle, which true lefse makers will probably hold against us forever and ever and ever. But, it heats more evenly than anything else and it works in its multipurposeness this way.

My sister was in charge of making the French Toast. We had picked up some French bread to make stuffing, but because my sister announced she is expecting, stuffing/dressing didn’t sound that great to her. Instead we used the French bread for French toast Christmas Eve morning. It was pretty standard: eggs and milk in the batter, but then the sister Christmas-ed up the French toast by adding vanilla and cinnamon. And, the results were delicious. So, if you’re looking to spice up some French toast, consider this minor addition to change the entire flavor of your French toast.

On a side note, my parents have started reading my blog! (Consider this my dorky on camera wave to them) Anyhoo, last night my dad and I were talking about this being the first blog he had ever read. While I can hardly imagine that is true, he thought my discussions around planning food were funny. And, I shared that while he makes notes in cookbooks and such about how food tastes, what he’d change, etc, this was my online version of doing that in a way for the entire world to see. So, for those of you reading, you are super famous in my dad’s eyes. Enjoy!



One thought on “Christmas Day French Toast

  1. 1. I love French Toast. My aunt has a great recipe. I’ll make it soon and share the recipe.
    2. HA –> “We used the lefse griddle, which true lefse makers will probably hold against us forever and ever and ever.”
    3. You are famous!

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