Calico Hutch

When I started quilting again a year ago, my mom started to slowly get intrigued by the process. When I was younger, more than anything I remember my cross-stitching. She used to make beautiful things with cross stitch, and eventually taught me how to do this as well.

At some point, there was a local quilt store in town and they did what they called a Kid’s Quilt Kamp every summer. I think I participated in the very first one, in which we made a simple stair step pattern. Neither my mom nor myself quilted at that point, but it seemed like something I would like. I will refer to myself as a community education kid. If there was a class about something I could learn, I probably took it. No wonder on Strengths Quest learner comes up as my highest strength. I took wood carving, dance, cooking classes, and all sorts of things. I don’t know how quilting came up on the list, but it did. My dad’s mother had always quilted, but I do not believe my mom’s mother ever quilted. It just wasn’t her thing. She crocheted, but I don’t think my mom ever took that up, either. She’s never indicated she did, anyway.

Well, not to be outdone (and because I shared a room with my younger sister and she and I needed matching quilts), my mom learned how to make quilts as well and made a double four-patch for my sister. I kept on participating in the quilt camp every summer for three or so years, but never did much in between as far as quilting and sewing goes. My mom’s sewing machine wasn’t very nice, and my interests were wide-spread enough that this wasn’t a priority for me.

After taking a ten year hiatus, both of us have gotten back into quilting. I tend to be a bit more adventurous and she is a bit more traditional, mostly in lines of quilt kits, versus going at it on your own. When I was home over break, she took me to her favorite Quilt Shop in Southern Minnesota: Calico Hutch. They have some great options for prepared quilt kits, as well as some options for those who want to figure out their quilt on their own.

If you are in the Albert Lea, Minnesota area, check it out!


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