January Blocks

This weekend I went home to celebrate my sister’s birthday. She turned 24 years old! I can’t believe she is already 24! We celebrated her birthday in style, with sweet potato chips I made in the oven, birthday cake, and meatloaf. But enough about the food.

I also saw my mom’s current quilt projects, showed her my quilt projects, and stole some of her fabric to finish the Harry Potter blocks I’d been meaning to do for months! So frustrating! I’m so sorry to Kristin, who is getting her blocks a couple of months late. But, my mom had the right shade of rust for Harry’s scar.

These two blocks were my second and third attempts at paper piecing. The first time was using the flying geese tutorial over on the sometime’s crafter’s blog. She has a fabulous tutorial that takes you through paper piecing. It was one of those experiences where you just need to trust that it’s going to work. The paper piecing will turn out the way you need it to turn out. Do not be concerned. Just keep trying it.

For Kristin, she is using these great paper piece blocks to create a Harry Potter quilt. Since this was only my second (and third) time paper piecing, I chose a few easier blocks, but I’m starting to feel a bit more confident and believe that at some point in the future, I’ll be ready to do a little more intense paper piecing. I still have to rip out at least one seam on each block I do for a variety of reasons, but it’s getting there.

The other block I did over the weekend for this month is for the Solid Block Bee. Using a variety of different solids, we are creating blocks and Natalie sent out instructions asking us to be inspired by some paper art with different triangles. I picked one of the blocks, traced it on freezer paper and did paper piecing again. It went pretty good and it was fun to be inspired/create my block. I think it turned out pretty fun. I continue to waste a lot of fabric in my creation of paper pieced blocks, but I’ll keep working on it and see what else can come up.


Last week I had made the blocks for my Sew and Bee Happy Bee. I have to go back and make a couple of corrections on it, but luckily the recipient is in the process of moving, so she is not ready for me to send stuff until later, so I’ll be able to go through and fix the two blocks which are troublesome before I sent it off to her.




Just as I had a December for one of my bees, I have January for one of mine as well. I’ve asked folks to use scraps to create 12.5 inch blocks. They can have as many block-within-a-blocks as they want to use to ultimately create their block for me. As few as one or as many as 100. My sample block included 9, because I had seen a block I really liked that inspired me. I’m going to make a few more blocks up, but was glad to have finished the sample block.

I also have February for one of my months and am torn between a few different possibilities. I will post tomorrow to get your opinion on which block design to use. Can’t wait to get your opinions!



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