Thank You and An Opinion Please…

Thank You and February Bee Suggestions?

Hello, Friends!

It’s National Thank You Day! So, first and foremost, to anyone who reads, thank you for doing so. I am so utterly grateful for your presence in my life, whether it is an online presence, a physical presence, a phone presence, or an otherwise presence. I often think to say thank you but rarely do so. Let 2011 be a year in which I am externally grateful for all that others bring to my life.

On that note, I’d like your opinion. As I’ve shared about my various quilting bees, I am part of a solid bee and picked up my fabric for it several months ago when it was on sale at a local fabric store. February is my month, and I need to make my sample block and post instructions, but would like to have you help me pick the quilt design. Would you share your opinion? Using Kona solids in yellow, purple, blue, and khaki (not necessarily the actual names of the colors), I am coming up with my pattern. And, I’ve narrowed it down to the following blocks. What are your thoughts?

Mondrian, such as the one here or here


Dinner Date, such as seen here


So, your thoughts? Please feel free to add more via the comments section! 


One thought on “Thank You and An Opinion Please…

  1. oh, definitely Mondrian. I love those blocks, and I have always had more fun in bees making blocks that allowed for a little creativity on my part. There’s just not a whole lot to the Dinner Date blocks, so if I was in the bee, I’d be a little bored with them for sure. (Although, granted, easy/boring blocks are a bit of a relief once in awhile.)

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