Back in the Saddle (almost)

The past few days, during spring break, it’s been hard to stay at work all day. There aren’t students around en masse. I know the students will return soon, and so this is my chance to take time for me. Last year at this time, I was leaving to go running, as I was training for a half marathon. This year, without an ambitious goal, I’m waiting for actual spring and then will embrace the outdoor run once again. I felt good when I was running, but I neglected to maintain running without it being an ongoing thing. Rather than taking care of myself, I’ve been focusing on my work. Which is meaningful in so many ways. But, life has gotten out of balance.

But, with the weather starting to shift, I’ve downloaded some new music, started to get my podcasts ready, and cannot wait to get out there again. I know sometimes I can say I’m going to do something and then not follow through, but I have every intention of making myself into a runner yet once again. I know the 3-5 distance was when I felt good about myself and loved what I was doing, so that’s going to be the new focus.

So, what I mean to say is: get ready. Posts are coming regularly. And I will be getting my running on ASAP, especially if days keep being nice like this.

How do you get excited to run when you’ve taken a long time off? Is it necessary to sign up for a race in order to get going?



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