Christmas Quilt Finished (with Binding and all)

When I was home over break, I got the Christmas Quilt Back which I had originally finished right after Christmas and taken home for machine quilting. I hadn’t necessarily planned to keep the quilt originally, but now it seems the person who machine quilted it is hanging up her quilting and retiring. This is such sad news for me for a couple of reasons.

The woman who quilted this quilt is also the person who I first learned to quilt from years and years ago. With my first easy stair step path quilt, I learned how to cut, press, and sew ¼ inch seams from her. And now, I am unable to rely on her to finish my quilts any further. Which, I want to say, I commend her for hanging up her machine and taking the time to do what she wants, finish her own projects, and not do this for other people.

However, it left me feeling a bit sentimental as I was sewing the binding onto the Christmas quilt and celebrating the work she had done on the quilt. I now feel I want to keep this quilt which she helped to finish one last time and look forward to hearing about her next projects in life as I keep moving forward with projects.



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