March Blocks, Part 1

It’s already almost the end of March and I have not yet finished the quilt blocks I’m supposed to have done for the month. However, I did get half of them done this week, so I thought I should post about them and share what I’ve finished.

As I looked at what was ahead of me this month, there was a lot of paper piecing. And, the more I come to do paper piecing, the more I appreciate the work that goes into paper piecing. One of the patterns was a relatively simple string block. P.S. I Quilt’s Block ‘o’ Strings was a fitting tutorial with it being St. Patrick’s Day this weekend and all. We made blue and yellow blocks with a cream stripe through the center of it. This was fun to make and I enjoyed it overall. The picture turned out pretty good, as I was able to take it during the sunlight we had on Sunday afternoon.


The other quilt block I finished up for March was a Vintage Liberation

block. The person in charge for the month put up a tutorial on her blog. I’m struggling because I know I have lots of bright fabric scraps, but I haven’t been able to locate them in my scraps, so these are turning out a lot darker than I anticipated but it will come together and I’ll find my brighter scraps. This block was fun to make. It called for some random pieces of fabric. Try it out when you want something slightly different to fulfill your scrap block.



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