I’m Going to Be an Aunt! (and thus I knit…)


As promised, here’s the latest update on what I’ve been working on regarding crafts! Have I mentioned my sister is having a baby? I’m super excited for her and her husband, who celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday! There are a lot of couples in the world, but the two of them complement one another nicely and are no doubt going to be fantastic when parenting begins!


Over Easter, they asked me to be the Weebe’s godmother. And I couldn’t be more excited! Not only is this  baby the first in the family to start the next generation, but it also meant I got to pull out some of my knitting skills. My mom does all sorts of quilting as well, so I figured I could take the lead in this section of the preparation skills. She made my sister a beautiful quilt for her nursery, and I’ve been working on some different hats and things for the baby to wear. They haven’t found out whether the baby will be a girl or a boy, but I was also fortunate to quickly learn that several of my friends are also due within the next few months, so babies will abound around me.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve been using a lot of sock yarn because that’s what the knitting patterns have called for. However, I also must note that everything I’ve tried to do prior to this with sock yarn has been rotten. And I truly mean rotten. The needles are so small and therefore knitting takes a really long time. I don’t have much patience for that. But, with two commencement ceremonies, a trip to a conference, and a couple of plane flights, knitting has been great because it is soooo portable.

I’ve mostly been using Jean Christensen’s Infant Hat & Can’t Kick ‘Em Off Booties. She is a local pattern designer and her patterns are available through the Yarnery, which is one of my favorite yarn shops in St. Paul. I haven’t tried making the booties yet, but they are not my list, along with some mittens so the Weebe doesn’t scratch her/himself.


I also made the Cute Noggin Baby Hat, available over on www.ravelry.com If you aren’t currently a member, you’ll need to be to get into the web site, but it’s a great resource for knitters! There are so many patterns, and people share their thoughts and tips about knitting, as well as patterns they’ve

created. Each person does things so differently and seeing patterns in different colorways, yarns, and other items makes it a great resource! Check it out if you are a knitter!


I’ve got a few more projects I’ll share in the future, but thanks for checking  out my first round of knitting for the Weebe. Any must-do or must-have knitted baby items on your list?


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