June Blocks

On those moments when I feel really behind I try to do all sorts of things to get me prepared for accomplishing the tasks at hand. Yesterday that meant setting up my sewing machine with my extra ten minutes in the morning, pressing a few things during lunch time, and coming home to work on my blocks for the month.

And, I’m happy to report I not only got a little bit more done on my quilt for my bed, but also finished three blocks for the bees I am currently in. And prepped the fourth block, to finish up tonight!

For the solid bee blocks, I had both May and June. I didn’t receive the May fabric until June, so I didn’t feel too bad about not getting to that until today. We were asked to do a block from the Criss Cross Quilt. The block was pretty easy to make and lots of fun. I think I’d like to try making an entire quilt from this block at some point. A great pattern with easy directions and a fun colorway to make it with!




For the June solid bee block, we were asked to do a spider web block. I absolutely love the tutorial for these blocks on Quilt It! They make it so much easier to conceptualize and make it work. We used grays, greens, blues, and a dash of yellow, with a preference for smaller strips than larger ones. I really enjoyed putting this block together, and it reminded me of the extreme amounts of these blocks I need to make to finish my own quilt from January! Yikes! Once I finish these few quilts up, that will be a priority, I’m guessing.

The last block I finished up was for the Sew and Bee Happy Bee. We were asked to make a red and white star block for this and there have been some absolutely amazing blocks which have come forward already thus far. As I was a little late in the game, I wanted to do something wonderful. And while I’m not sure whether this is wonderful, I do really like the way the block turned out. I used the Starflower Quilt Block tutorial over on the Modify Tradition blog, which shows some great blocks. I think it was pretty good overall. I’ll be excited to see how the sampler quilt turns out!

Last up for tonight is Kelly’s block for the Simply Strings bee. I’ll share that once it’s done!


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