Woodstock (also known as Disappearing Nine Patch)

When I came back to quilting last year, one of the first patterns that grabbed my eye was the disappearing nine patch. Not having worked with charm packs until this point, I started looking at them and loving the variety. I was inspired by the tutorial on Snippets of a Quilter. Thus, I made my first attempt at the Christmas Table Topper on the Moda Bakeshop pattern made by P.S. I Quilt with non-Christmas patterns on my old sewing machine. Mostly because the sewing machine isn’t great, it didn’t turn out great. Confession: the top still sits unfinished in one of my bags…but this might be an excellent chance for me to practice my free motion quilting???

Next, I made my modified nine patch with a jelly roll and charm pack, which turned out fun, but really busy. Visually, it’s a little overwhelming, and because I was doing some making up as I went, it didn’t necessarily turn out how I anticipated it would.

Then, when my mom and I visited the Calico Hutch store in Southern Minnesota, we were looking at the different kits. This one kit kept catching my eye. It was called the Woodstock quilt. The quilt hanging on the wall was a little more neutral than I had been doing. It was made in Civil War prints, which are perhaps some of my favorite to use with more modern designs at the moment. They are so wonderfully bold! Calico Hutch also showed the Woodstock quilt in some baby color ways, which was amazing. After my third visit and still loving the quilt hanging on the wall, I picked it up.

The quilt kit has sat in my closet, waiting for a moment when I had a chance to work on it. Then, during a snow day last spring, I pulled out the kit and decided it would be my next project. So, I pulled out the pattern tucked inside and was amazed to find this was the Disappearing Nine Patch I had loved so greatly the year before! I am still amazed I hadn’t figured it out earlier! What took me so long?

I cut the quilt pieces out, sewed the nine patches together and even cut them in their quarters. And then the move came. I had to pack everything up and prepare for heading to Iowa. Including this nearly-finished quilt.

As I’ve been unpacking and preparing for my trip to Colorado, I’ve been heavy into the reduce-the-mess mode. And, I decided to go ahead and finish this quilt top up. So, Thursday night I sewed the four patches together. Last night I sewed it into one comprehensive quilt and today I’m going to take it to a quilt shop in the area to get it machine quilted.

I have a few more quilts waiting in the wings, so I continue to be on my hiatus from purchasing quilting supplies (unless necessary, which spring up more frequently than one should imagine), but thought I would share this quilt with you at the moment!


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