Owl Kicking Sack

Knitting clothes scares me. A lot. So, I’ve avoided doing it. I’m sure there will be some knitting for the Weebe once s/he arrives, which I’m perfectly happy to do, but for now, I continue avoiding knitting clothing. At this point, I have finished my first kicking sack for the Weebe. Hmm…which this is starting to make me wonder if my sister reads my blog. If so, sorry sister. You’re finding out the Weebe’s arrival presents a little early. But, now you know what you don’t need to pick up 🙂

I’ve got another kicking sack in the works, but it’s in progress because I can knit relatively easily while working on other things/taking advantage of other opportunities. This Owl Sleep Sack has Owl shapes knit into the top of it. Other than that, it’s basically a bean bag for the baby, minus the fact that you’re not necessarily supposed to leave the baby in it. Luckily, the Weebe won’t be ready to kick right away. It’s a nice way to provide warmth for the baby without the person holding the baby to have to get hot because of blankets.

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