If you sew/quilt and are a member of the twitter community, I hope you have started to take advantage of Talkin’ Tuesdays. On Tuesday nights the twitterverse gets together and tweets about general quilting questions, fabric, notions, blogs, patterns, and more. Each Tuesday from 8-10 p.m. Central time folks come together and hang out.

Check out the sign up each week at: http://talkintuesdays.blogspot.com/ And then, chat!

Last week the conversation at one point led to blogs and what was important for readers. The reality of blogging for me is as much a version of my own scrapbook (paper crafts are not my area of expertise) as a way to share what I’m doing with friends and family. I have yet to do a tutorial, create a pattern which I put on the internet, or share a whole lot about who I am. But, I could share more, if folks are interested. I don’t know what’s of interest.

For now, I blog about knitting and quilting or whatever other crafty thing I’m doing at any moment when I have the time to sit down and blog, and the rest of the time, I don’t do a whole lot. Yet, for now, ask questions. Let me know what you are interested in knowing more about and I’ll share!


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