Do You PInterest?

As you may have seen lately, Pinterest is going crazy. It’s all the rage as different friends of mine on the interweb have mentioned on their blogs lately. I have to admit, I haven’t quite adopted the fad completely, but I like the idea of having a storage space of things I love that I can access electronically instead of continually copying web sites and trying to find a place to store them.

I’ll admit it. I started my Pinterest board months ago. I tagged pinned a few things my friends pinned. I liked what they liked. But, I’ve seen the blogosphere (note: craft blogosphere) blowing up with these Pinterest thoughts lately, and I thought, “this probably has merit.” And, while everyone else is adopting google plus, I might as well better explore Pinterest. Quickly, it became a great way to spend some time and gather inspiration. I don’t need a gigantic to-do list anymore. I’ve got my to-do list on the world wide interweb.

So, check it out, or don’t. But, if you do, friend me and let’s inspire each other. Start your own boards. I can’t wait to see what inspires you!

I’m here


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