Starting a PhD

While I’ve had a lot of updates over the past few weeks, they’ve all been scheduled updates. I am actually away from Iowa at the moment and in Colorado starting work on my PhD. And, a little known fact, my essay to get into the program revolved around how I have learned about myself through quilting. Things such as my being a process-oriented person.

This means a few different things. I am committed to framing my life in a way that is meaningful and provides actual relief from work and homework. So, now it’s time to focus on my health, cooking, and the like.

Also, this means that I am hoping to update my Etsy site a little more frequently. I will be away from vacation once I return and then will be using any proceeds from the site to help fund the efforts of my PhD. So, if you’re interested in something on the site, let me know! (wink!)

But, if I throw out any college leadership terms or things, it’s because I’m probably just working on something and felt the need to update.

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