My PhD Cohort

Well, having almost finished our ten(ish) days out here in Fort Collins, I thought folks should know that I heart my PhD cohort. I am in class with some of the most entertaining, thoughtful, intelligent, and willing higher education professionals.

It’s been five years since I’ve been back in FoCo and I forgot how much I loved the environment of this place. It is gorgeous. I mean, check out the view (here from Colorado Springs), but I guarantee it’s equally beautiful here!

Several of us are staying in Summit Hall. As an FYI, when I was here doing the SAHE program, I spent a night in Summit Hall when it was first opening. It was also the place where some of my fabulous friends lived. It was nice, but I think I’ll be okay leaving as well.

During our time, I have had a chance to work with (formally and informally) almost each and everyone of them and I’m guessing I’ll miss these College and University Leadership folks when I’m back in Iowa. Hopefully, we’ll be able to connect via technology for the class as well as for social interaction and lamentation.

But, mostly, I wanted you all to know how much I heart them. Over the last several days we have shared presentations, computer skills, residence halls, knowledge, laughter, friendship, naps, meals, and so much more. And, over the next few years, we will continue these endeavors. For the moment, you should just know they are all amazing. I am blessed to begin this work with them and I cannot wait to see them each succeed (and hope I will succeed as well!)

We also went out for dinner as a cohort with Dr. Kuk and enjoyed some togetherness and celebration. Here are some photo highlights, taken by myself and the most amazing Dimple 🙂

This is the entire cohort at the Island Grill in FoCo!

We like to laugh:

And, here are a few photos of a couple folks at a time…









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