Kitchen Curtains

I’ve been living in Iowa for three and a half week snow. My parents were here the weekend after I moved in and after one more weekend, I was in Colorado, working on the PhD for nearly two weeks. When my mom and dad were here, they noticed my kitchen didn’t have curtains. Truth be told, I’ve only lived in one other location where I’ve needed to provide the curtains and chose to do so only in my bedroom. I’ve been blessed with great rentals for the most part (and Minnesota rental laws, which require those renting spaces out to provide at least blinds for the windows).

While I had some curtains for my bedroom windows and was provided blinds for the living room, I hadn’t much focused on the kitchen. But, this was of great concern to my parents upon their arrival. I will note there is a big tree in my front yard, mostly blocking my kitchen, but will also acknowledge that across the street (ish) is the parking lot for the town grocery store. So, curtains were probably a good idea. Did I mention it’s been super hot and humid lately? See the condensation on the windows at 8:30 Sunday morning?! Crazy weather!

We did some measurement of the windows and then I searched the internet for some of my favorite fabrics, kitchen style. It’s the first of the minor improvements (and inexpensive/I can take with me improvements) I decided to do for the apartment. I sent my mom three or four suggestions for fabric. After stopping by three or four fabric stores, she didn’t find any of them. She had recently made some curtains for the shop and was willing to make them for me. We were ready to place an order, but I knew I had seen one of them (or something close) at a quilt shop in the Amana Colonies. I found this fabric, “farmdale orchard” by Alexander Henry:

So, after work on Friday I  ran out to the colonies and picked up 3.5 yards of the fabric. And, on Sunday morning before heading to church, I threw some curtains together. They add some nice décor and make the room brighter (and remind me to eat more apples)! So, the kitchen is slowly coming together. I love it!


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