Whirlygig is off to the Quilter!

As you may recall, I’ve been working on a Whirlygig quilt for my queen size bed. Part of it was quite planned out and other parts of it were improvisational. I thought I’d share about my process and knowing that the Whirlygig pattern is written for a lap size quilt, I assume folks are wondering how to adjust it into a bigger quilt.

I’ll start by acknowledging I have tons of fabric left over. The pattern calls for charm packs, but I was inspired by fabric while looking through the clearance section of a quilt shop about a year ago. I was wanting to be inspired for a quilt for my own bed and until now had been distracted by other quilts and projects. But, now that I’m in a new place and a new job, going back to school, I figured it was time to have a new quilt as well J So, I’ve been gathering fabric. It started with about five fabrics which complemented one another. I did a little searching through my stash and found a couple more fabrics. I waited for Crafts Direct to have their Kona solids on sale, which they do a couple times a year, and purchased my brown fabric. Every once in awhile, I have gone to a new quilt shop and wanted to buy something, so I’ve bought a third of a yard of a fabric here and there which might work with this all.

I was not sure how many blocks to make, so I started by doubling the number of blocks called for in the lap quilt. I cut them out and sewed blocks, which I shared on a previous post. I followed the instructions for each part of the quilt and once I had the blocks sewn together, I laid them out on top of my bed, so that I knew how it looked overall.

After sewing the rows together (9 squares x 10 squares), I laid it on top of the bed again to see how long I needed my borders to be to make it the length I wanted it overall.

I decided on about 13 inches of border all around. I did a 4 ½ inch border with one of my green prints, a 3 ½ inch with the brown solid and a 6 ½ inch border with the blue print.

Because I had all of the leftover fabric and didn’t want to purchase more fabric, I decided to piece some of the larger fabrics together to create the backing. So, I just spread them out and then sewed together a 3×2 large scale block. I’ll use other leftovers to create pillows and other accessories for the room.

I took the quilt to the same folks who have my Woodstock quilt to machine quilt it. One of these days I’ll be brave enough to assume the role of the machine quilter again, but I want to do it on a smaller quilt or a scrap quilt so I can better experiment!  Have you done a Whirlygig quilt before? How did it turn out? Did you follow the standard size or step out of the box?


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