Wonky Log Cabin

I have more quilts that I’ve started and not finished than I care to admit.  I start a project, get distracted, and end up working on something else that seems more timely, comes together faster, or is more interesting for a number of different reasons.  As I started preparing for the move, I started thinking about the fabric I had, the things I wanted to do and I have an ongoing list of a multitude of things I’m planning to do at some point in the future.  But, I also have a few things which I’m prioritizing, so as to not have so many unfinished projects out there.  Plus, I want to start working on my free motion quilting skills more frequently!

As I think about the ways I can reduce the number of boxes which have quilt stuff in them and the ways in which I can make the apartment look more and more my style.  The apartment I moved into is great, in a lot of ways.  The floor plan works (for the most part) and it has two bedrooms, its own entrance, and the necessary supplies.  All this being said, there are a few things I would do to improve it.  There are a few nail holes/poor patching jobs which need to be redone.  Masking tape, duct tape, or other types of tape cover gaps in the floor and such.  The walls could use some paint.  But, someday it will all get taken care of.

I have lots of sewing projects to do to enhance the beauty of the place in some ways.  But, to start with, I need to finish a few things I’ve started.  One of the first projects I’m tackling in an intentional way is the Wonky Log Cabin quilt I started a few years ago.  Using Quilt Dad’s tutorial, I put together my first few blocks and I have a box of the fabric all cut apart and ready to be made into quilt blocks.  But, I haven’t touched it in almost two years.  Seriously, there is something completely wrong with that.  Two years is way too long to take a break on a quilting project.

So, now, back with a vengeance, I’m hoping to finish at least two blocks a week.  There are a lot of great quilt-alongs going on out there right now.  I’m especially inspired by the Farmer’s Wife Quiltalong, the Garden Fence Quiltalong that looks to be starting, but I know that before I can do one of those, I need to finish up my other projects.

Here’s the first five blocks I’ve made.  I will post a few of these along the way as I keep going.  Have you used Quilt Dad’s tutorial before? What did your final product look like?


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