If my 9 month pregnant sister can run, so can I…

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Weebe.  Depending on how we try to think about it, the baby is due now.  (It’s one of three days and I honestly can’t remember if it’s the 26/27/28—so much for being a good aunt. I’m trying to set the standard).  Anyhoo, the BIL (brother-in-law, not named Bill, but who I call BIL on the phone), sent a photo last week at 39 weeks.  The baby had clearly dropped.  Come join us in the world.

But, until the baby decides to do so, she’s going on with her every day world.  My friend Melissa has started training for the Des Moines half marathon, and though I know I’m not going to make that feat, I can at least start getting my run on more regularly and attempt to at least be related to her.

In addition, my friend Becky’s husband is in Afghanistan.  The women and men who were left behind in his unit are gathering their family and friends to walk the number of miles it would be to walk to Afghanistan, and I’ve got to start contributing further!  So, that’s the plan. Don’t be surprised when you see random updates from me about the mileage I’m putting in.  I’m just trying to contribute to the greater good!

Let’s get going!


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