July Quilt Blocks

One of my quilt bees has finished, so now I’m down to three quilt bees.  And, July was my month for one of the bees, so I only had to make two blocks this month (with a bunch more to finish the blocks everyone else has made for me for July!)  This month I had the Solid Bee and Simply Strings Bee that needed to be made.

For the Solid Bee, we were sent black and white fabric for a high contrast quilt one of our bee members is making for her daughter.  She is doing a bit of a Sampler quilt and so we were asked to use whatever block we wanted to make for her.  I wanted to try a block I hadn’t made before, but I’ve been especially inspired by railroad quilts lately, and I saw a variation on the railroad quilt as a basketweave quilt block.  Using just two colors, this is a great block!  I think it would be fun to make an entire quilt sometime with this block.  For now, this was a fun block to make!

For the Simply Strings Bee, we were asked to make a Log Cabin block with the red and white fabrics sent to us.  We were given the opportunity to use any variation on the Log Cabin we wanted to make.  Some folks have done a straight log cabin, some have done a courthouse steps.  Since I’m working on my own Wonky Log Cabin quilt at the moment, I’ve been pretty inspired to continue with this way of working.  I made this block and it was a nice little change of colors, but let me stay in my go mode.

It was my month for the Sew & Bee Happy Bee and I asked for the following:

I’ve been thinking a lot about different options, but I think I’ve decided I’d like to make a scrappy quilt in the colors of brown, yellow, and green.

So, if you wouldn’t mind making a 12″ block in one of those three colorways (brown, yellow, or green) using the tutorial over here: comfortstitching.typepad.co.uk/comfortstitching/2011/04/c…I think this is looking like a super fun scrap quilt to have lying around.

If you have something funny for the middle, great! If not, just do something that suits your taste. I don’t have a specific place for this quilt to end up, so I’m not sure what I’ll use it for, but for now, this would be fantastic!

Is there anyone out there in the Blogosphere who has been wanting to try one of these blocks?  I’ll take anything anyone wants to send to me!  I’m not asking for them, but sometimes I see someone working on something and think I just want to make one block… So, if that’s the case, let me know.  I’m sure we can work something out!


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