Tie Onesie for Simon!

When the sister called and announced Simon’s arrival last weekend, I knew I wanted to get a few things out to them right away to celebrate.  I’ll get to see him next weekend, but thought he needed a few things in the meantime.  One of the gifts I had in mind was the cute tie onesies that I’ve seen around the internet and Etsy.  Thinking about this, I went to Etsy to see what was out there, but the ones that were all ready and didn’t require someone else to make them had the result of not finding the color scheme for which I was looking.  It quite possibly was out there, but I was not locating it.  Since I knew I had seen several great tutorials online, I decided to go for that option and headed over to the Crap I’ve Made blog, which has a fabulous step-by-step tutorial to make this onesie.  So, I got it ready and sent it out on Monday morning so it arrived on time.  I think it turned out nicely and with a 9 lb baby, I used the 0-3 month size onesie!  Here’s Simon’s first tie!

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