Fisher’s Club

When I lived in Minnesota, I spent a couple of summers bartending at the Fisher’s Club.  It’s a truly unique place and since it’s only open for another month (end of April through October each year), I thought I would tell any Minnesota readers about the reasons they should enjoy the Fisher’s Club.

  1. My friend Jillian is the head bartender there.  She’s full of sass and excitement.
  2. It’s in Avon, Minnesota, where Lake Wobegon exists.
  3. Speaking of Lake Wobegon, Garrison Keillor frequents the place.  If you’re a fan of A Prairie Home Companion, you’ve heard about Lake Wobegon.  If you’re not a fan, become one and start hearing the tales.
  4. I used to live 6 blocks from there.
  5. There’s a great lake view and a nice breeze.
  6. It’s a bottle club, which means we stock beer and wine, but if you want hard liquor, bring it with you and we’ll provide your mixer.
  7. They have great walleye.  I don’t even like fish, but enjoyed their Walleye sandwich on occasion.
  8. Finally, you should frequent there in the next few weeks because their Oktoberfest menu should be happening anytime now and the Curry Squash soup is divine.  It’s delicious.  You likely won’t taste anything as good anywhere in the world.

Stop by and enjoy the last weeks of summer, despite the start of the school year at the Fisher’s Club.


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