Have you ever noticed how things happen in bunches?  For instance, people get new jobs in clusters?  Or one person takes up running and soon everyone else is joining them?  Lately, my life has been filled with the arrival of new babies.  I love Facebook if for the only reason being that I get to see new pictures of babies!

Now that my nephew Simon is 2 months old (can you believe it?!), I feel blessed to have been surrounded by the presence of lots more little babies!  It started with Simon (or 6 weeks earlier when his Cousin Ellie (Elizabeth) was born.  Since that time, the number of babies who are part of my life has exploded!  They include:

  • Xavier Braeven
  • Gilbert Thomas
  • Cooper Islow
  • George Stanley
  • Katelyn Olivia
  • Elijah Joseph
  • Colin Benjamin

And, baby announcements from 2 cousins, a co-worker, and at least two friends.  It’s such exciting times here with babies.  But, before I get too far, are those names great or what?  I absolutely love the variety of kid’s names these days.  Granted, my name has never been one that’s topped the name charts, but I love the uniqueness of each of the recent names having come forward and the intentionality with which they seem to be chosen.  Based on what I know about each of their parents, they’ve got some great stuff.

Minor confession time: when we were younger, we used to play our own cheap-o version of paperdolls, which means we would cut people out of the JC Penney and other catalogues and then have our own paper dolls with multiple outfits and facial expressions.  It was wonderful!  But, in doing so, I would name them based on names that I loved.  I have always loved names and their significance.  Some names absolutely fit the person who has them and some make you wonder how it was picked.

I’ll never forget at a family gathering 10 years ago when one of my cousins shared she was expecting and they had names picked out, but had yet to decide because they wanted to meet the baby before they did so.  It seems appropriate that one would make sure the name matches the new arrival.


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