Fall Snack Mix

A few years ago, my mom came home from a meeting with some lady friends having had a delicious treat.  After going about their usual business for the day and covering all the must-cover topics, they had snacks.  One of the women had brought a nice little snack mix.
I, as of late, have been on a trail mix extravaganza.  Basically, if it looks like a trail mix in some form, I think it sounds delicious.  This mix is no different.  It’s super easy to make, and while it’s a little expensive because of the multitude of items purchased that are pre-packaged, it is kind of right up there with tasty goodness.  Actually, it’s super addicting.  In fact, when we make it at the family home, we tend to hide some in secret places just so it doesn’t get eaten up within a 24 hour period.  It’s just that tasty!
Check it out and let me know what you would add to make it even more delicious…

Fall Snack Mix

  • cheese goldfish crackers
  • plain goldfish crackers
  • pretzel goldfish crackers
  • bowtie pretzels
  • peanuts
  • reese’s pieces or m&ms
  • candy corn
  • nutter butter bites

Pour into a large bowl and mix together.


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