Ten Minute Table Runner

For Christmas, my sister got a new sewing machine.  With the new baby at home, she’s doing more homemaker things and it was fun to help pick out the machine and then spend the week with her showing her how to use the machine between Simon’s naps.  We had a lot of fun tearing up an old sheet (which also helped us reminisce about how our room was decorated in the 90s – can you say posters from Teen Beat magazine of the folks from the original Beverly Hills 90210 or Kris Kross?)  The teal sheets were great practice for seeing how different stitches of the Janome Magnolia looked.

My mom had some old fabric that Carmen could use, but what we did first and foremost was spend time winding bobbins and threading her machine over and over and over.  I think she’s at the point where she’s comfortable with the machine.

On Thursday, Carmen and her family went to get together some of her girlfriends and while she was there Mom and I went to Calico Hutch and looked at their sale.  We ended up seeing the 10 minute table runner kits there.  Neither my mom nor I had ever made a 10 minute Table Runner and decided that it would be a great project for Carmen to try.

Saturday morning while my mom was at work, I was able to play with Simon while Carmen made the 10-minute Table Runner.  While I helped talk through how to read the pattern, the different steps, and preparing for the sewing components of it, Carmen figured out the pattern relatively easily.  There was one step I couldn’t figure out while talking through it, but as always, when trusting the pattern, it all made sense in the end!

Even better, Carmen has accomplished something neither my mom nor I have done!  Her first project and she’s already a super sewer!


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