Bennies, Johnnies, and Mat Kearney

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I started my new job.  It’s a lot to leave one place for another, to start life anew and try a different place.  About a month ago, I finally took some time to return to my previous campus.  Some of the students with whom I was most connected had recently received major senior awards, they had spent a year planning the big end of year event, and it was great to go back and celebrate with them.  I also was lucky to see some of my former coworkers, visit my favorite greenhouse, and enjoy some great music.

The end of year event has over 30 years of history and we had tried to overhaul the event last year.  We learned some things, but this year they got Mat Kearney to come play and it was am



azing.  The concert was good, but it was obvious the students were having the best time of the year.  They were singing, celebrating, taking pictures, and in one of my favorite moments, they called him out on using non-inclusive language.  It was gratifying in so many ways to see them succeed.

Mat was also touched by his time on campus.  We see evidence of this because he wrote a song about the students he met there.  It’s been recorded, downloaded, covered on the news, and it was so amazing to see.  I am excited for the students and am excited to share it with you.

Check out the song here:

Bennies and Johnnies