Turtle Cake

A couple weeks ago I had a birthday.  This year wasn’t a year where it was marked by significant excitement.  In fact, it went relatively unnoticed by many.  I received the usual Facebook celebrations and excitement, which was greatly appreciated, but for the most part, it was nice to have a relatively quiet day.
The weekend prior to my birthday, however, I was in Ohio, visiting my sister, her husband, and their son.  My sister is a great cook.  And, she wouldn’t let me pick up my hands to do anything, except play with my nephew.  She did a lot to celebrate my birthday throughout the weekend.  One of the things which she did a fabulous job with, however, was recreating a cake from one of our favorite restaurants when we both lived in St. Paul.
When we lived there, we would, on special occasions, go to Cafe Latte.  At one time I lived a mile from there and she lived two miles.  For our youngest sister’s confirmation, we got this cake for our family and it was always a special treat.  Have I told you before how amazing my Ohio sister is?  Sh has all of her ducks in a row and always accomplishes far more than I expect anyone is capable,like making a delicious and complicated dessert for me for my birthday.
With layers of chocolate cake, pecans, chocolate frosting, caramel, and more, this cake is rich, delicious, and over-the-top.  My brother-in-law decided it needed two scoops of vanilla ice cream the second day of cake because it was so rich.  If you’ve never been to Cafe Latte, might I suggest you make a trip there sometime when you’re in St. Paul.  Yum!
And, Cafe Latte shares their recipe, or a similar recipe.  Go check it out here: http://www.cafelatte.com/turtle_cake.pdf

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