Christine’s Birthday!

Over the weekend, I got to head to Omaha, Nebraska to see my friend Christine on her birthday!  She is an amazing woman who I have been blessed to get to know through our “PhD School” and for her birthday, she was having a great time with some friends.  She roasted a pig on Friday and had all of her friends bring a variety of foods that were absolutely delicious to her house.  On Saturday, we traveled around Omaha, ate breakfast, went to the farmer’s market, and then headed to a friend’s lake home to eat and enjoy time outside.  And, just in time for the lake, the weather cooled and we were happy to spend the afternoon outside enjoying the outdoors.  I didn’t get pictures of Friday night, but did get a bunch of photos of Saturday and wanted to highlight a few things.


Christine was also lucky to have our friend and colleague Dimple fly in from Denver to share the weekend.  It was so great to see them both and completely rejuvenating.  I did not realize how much I needed a break until I got there and experienced one.  Even better?  There was a power outage in Mount Vernon, so I got to avoid that and spend some time in the great outdoors away from the storms.


That being said, here are the highlights from our trip (with captions):

Dimple enjoying a morning croissant at the Farmer’s Market:


Tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market:


Christine with her daughter, Alexa and her Mom



Our lovely host at the cabin, Natalie, and her dog Gusto:



Christine’s friend, Mindy, water skiing for the first time in years:


Christine’s husband, Dan, and dog, Bob (whose room I stayed in):


Christine’s Brother-in-Law, Nick:


The kids playing on the beach:


Christine’s fabulous friend, Lisa, and Christine’s Dad:


Christine’s amazingly talented sister, Audrey, with Christine’s mom:



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