Soup Swap 2013

I’m planning a Soup Swap!

On the Snow Day I mentioned a little while ago, I decided to plan a Soup Swap for my colleagues once we returned to campus. It’s a couple weeks away now, but I thought I’d post about it, since I think it will be a lot of fun. Winter has officially arrived – both in terms of snow and temperature. With the return of students around the corner and the start of my classes coming up, stocking the freezer is a logical option and trying to find variety while cooking on my own can be a little bit difficult. Here’s the invite I sent out (copied greatly from another soup swap’s instructions). By the way, you’ll read that January 21 is Soup Swap Day, so here’s your chance to plan a swap before the we get too close to it!

As winter demonstrates it has arrived, I thought it would be fun to do a soup swap, where we can enjoy some snacks and beverages, share soup recipes, and share some soup before we get too far into the start of the academic year.

Since The Big Event is Saturday night and National Soup Swap Day is officially the 21st, the 20th seems like a great day to do this.

How it works:
1. You reply to the invite
2. You make 6 (six) individually frozen quarts of homemade soup — you may need to double your soup recipe to obtain enough soup, beware (commons sizes: ziploc quart plastic containers, bags, jars, yogurt, etc)
3. On the 20th, you come to Gwen’s house, and bring your soup.
4. Enjoy some quality time with other people.
5. Be ready to pitch your soup
6. Draw a number
7. Take turns picking soups to take home with you
8. Enjoy more quality time with other people.
9. Head home.
10. Later, enjoy the six new soups you took home with you.

A few notes:
If you are partnered, have guests in town, or are otherwise interested in inviting more people, go for it. If you bring 12 quarts between you, you take 12 quarts home. It’s as easy as that!

Make sure to label your soup

If you send the recipe for your soup, I will compile them and send them out following the exchange

I’d recommend thinking about storing in a freezer ziploc bag and laying flat to freeze — it will take up less room in everyone else’s freezer later.


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