One more sheepish return…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been blogging…sorry for that.  I see I’m still getting some regular clicks on things.  I have been cooking and other things, but I have not been motivated to write things not related to my academics (and truth be told, I haven’t been that motivated to write things related to my academics).  But, it’s time to get back into go-mode for so many reasons.  I need to get writing, I need to keep cooking, and am coming back for some more delicious eats.

I am sure quilting will continue to take the backseat to everything else for awhile, as I should focus on my academics anyway.

Since I start classes tonight, it’s a good chance for me to refocus on blogging regularly.

For those of you with whom I haven’t spoken in quite some time, I’ve been busy with my friend Minda, who moved in almost a month ago.  She is an amazing photographer and I am so glad to have her in my life.  She’s also big into clean eating, so we’ll be concocting some great food over the next few months and I can’t wait to post about that.

I’ve also been busy with a major renovation project at work.  I’ve been trying to post a photo a day over on Instagram, so check me out there.

In the meantime, look for a few recipes coming up: grilled vegetables, vanilla maple cinnamon pork chops, and some other things I’ve tried…

I hope the start of summer is going amazingly!


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