Welcome to the World, David Timothy!

Several months ago, my sister shared that she and Andrew would be adding to their family with a new baby.  It’s been fun to watch their preparations from a distance and see Simon adjusting to the anticipated arrival of a new baby.  He was actually the one to spill the beans to me last November when I was visiting them.  He was identifying who people in the room were and when they asked where the baby was, he pointed at Carmen…and I found out they were going to have another.

Well, on Tuesday the newest arrival to their growing family came into the world and from what I can tell so far, he is going to be another adorable member of the family.  I’ve only seen a few photos, but from what I’ve heard, all are adjusting to the family.  I cannot wait to meet him in a couple of weeks.  It can’t get any better than having a family who loves each other.  So, I have a new nephew: David Timothy, born on Tuesday, at 8 lbs, 6 oz and 20 inches long.  My brother-in-law posted on Facebook:  “He is named after Carmen and my favorite hero in the Old Testament as we hope and pray that he will also be a man after the Lord’s own heart, courageous in battle, fervent in worshiping God, and a leader who spends his life building up the People of God.”

I’ll post some photos after I’ve met him, but for now, I am excited to be an aunt again!


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