Not sure if you heard the news: It’s cold

A couple nights ago, I found myself tweeting about the cold weather and lefse.  Like many others this week, I’m from the Midwest.  I believe myself to be one who is of hardy origins.  Nonetheless, I found myself on Monday morning crossing my fingers and hoping that the college would close.  Two other institutions in the area had closed for the day, and with -46 wind chills, I wished to not go into the office.  It’s not that I didn’t want to get things done, but I knew this week would be busy and over the weekend I had gotten less done than expected.  I only wished for one more day when I could be home and get a few more things done.

Starting at 5:15, I checked my phone every ten minutes for a message to arrive saying that campus was closed.  But, it was not.  The weather outside may have been frightful, and for anyone who is without shelter, warm clothes, and other necessary elements of staying warm, it is quite worrisome.  However, for this Midwest woman, it was a nice (and hopefully brief) reminder of home.  I need not have it stay cold and was glad to see my car registering above 0 today, but these quick changes in weather, remind me of why I love living in the Midwest.  These are the reasons I live here.  I need to see the seasons and experience the weather.

So, while I sit here with my sweatshirt on and spaceheater nearby, I am grateful to experience a variety of seasons and appreciate all that I have to stay warm on these cold days.


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