All together now…

I work with some amazing colleagues.  I’ve always known that I work with some individuals who are great and I feel fortunate to work with folks who inspire me.  Based on conversations with others, I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am in terms of those with whom they are able to work.  My colleagues support me, challenge me, ask me to be my best on a daily basis, among other things.

Part of my last several months of work have incorporated work on a construction project which is ongoing but which is nearing the end.  Yesterday, we asked for assistance from folks across campus in moving some heavy tables and setting up new classrooms.  And my colleagues from across campus responded phenomenally.  Thirty-two individuals joined us in opening up boxes of shop towels and wiping down dusty tables, wiping off chairs that had been stored in warehouses, and essentially moving tables and chairs they have already moved before the start of the school year.

It was dusty work.  Different than sitting at computers or moving with students.  As members of the Presidents Council, coaches, administrative assistants, residence life staff, counselors, nurses, career folks, admissions staff, and others from around campus, within and outside of my division, came together to make this happen, I was in awe of working with so many individuals willing to give of their day just to insure that our students have an ideal experience.  I can only hope that I am a colleague who my coworkers feel fortunate to have in their lives.  It was a great reminder of the ways in which coming together to achieve a common purpose can be insightful.

The results?  Pretty astounding:

Smith Dining Room

My former roommate and multitalented friend Minda shared yesterday how she is participating in a Coffee for your Heart challenge from Holley Gerth’s blog, where in the year 2014, she will blog on Wednesdays in a way that is meant to encourage others.  While my post is a little delayed, I’m hopeful that sharing a little encouragement for my colleagues and appreciating them can be my first post into this adventure.


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