Colorado State…a forever home

I am waiting in a new Behavioral Sciences building on the Colorado State University campus to meet up with a former colleague, from the days when I used to attend my master’s program here and it is amazing.  This building, the space, the environment created in here, with the mountains out the windows, reminds me of why I loved living in Fort Collins and why I am thrilled to come back and attend classes a couple times a year.

Beyond this beautiful space and the nature outside, I met up with a colleague who used to work at Cornell yesterday and when talking about her transition, she shared how Colorado State is not a typical college campus.  It’s not.  It has so many things going for it.  The type of student CSU is looking for would be the same that any of the private colleges at which I have worked.  It has such a small campus feel.  The administration, student support services, academic reputation, and innovation are all things for which CSU is known and reasons I often watch to see what they are doing, because it seems as though frequently, CSU can predict or adapt to the ever-changing environment of the campus.

I have loved my visit with my cohort members over the past two days and am sad this is the last January we will be out here, visiting campus.  It means our time is coming closer to the end, and I’m not ready to explore that yet.  Instead, I’ll focus on the sense of place that CSU offers – walking to meet up with my friend for lunch yesterday, I ran into someone who had been in the cohort in front of me and we had a quick conversation and caught up on everything.  Then, last night at dinner, I was messaged from another person who said she saw my twin in the Behavioral Sciences building that day.  Actually, she saw me.  So, now I’m sitting waiting for a quick catch up right now.

It’s been just amazing to be here and be reminded of my old stomping grounds, the great people with whom I have been fortunate to work, and the great people with whom I get to work every week through our program.  I’m feeling so appreciative of everything in my life at the moment.  While this is not without stress, I am anxious to see the future come together and look forward to the next steps…more to come on that soon.


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