Labor Day: A day of thanks

It’s the first day of the academic year on campus.  I know for a lot of folks, it’s strange to start the year on Labor Day, and having grown up in Minnesota where the first day of school while growing up was always the day AFTER Labor Day, but for the last three years, this has been the norm.  In fact, since I finished graduate school, at the institutions I’ve worked, classes have been held on Labor Day.  It’s my norm.

Today I was lucky and able to take the afternoon away from my desk and head home.  The morning was spent delivering thank you gifts to the staff and faculty who help to make New Student Orientation go smoothly.  Giving each of them a bag of chips with a note that said “Thanks for chipping in during NSO!” was a way to say a quick thank you.

This year, I’m working on saying thank you and giving gratitude to folks.  A few years ago, I thought I was really good at this.  Almost each week I found myself giving thanks to those with whom I work.  Last year, I really slacked off on this.  This year, I’m finding myself wanting to make sure I thank those around me for making my job easier.

I’ve asked a few folks on campus to help watch me this year.  To make sure that as I go through the year, I don’t get grouchy about not having enough.  We can always use more staffing, more students, more budget, more time.  But, do we take time to be thankful for what we do have and recognize the ways we can move forward with what we have?  This is my time to do that.


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