What a Fall…

It has been such a busy year.  And, I’m really trying not to fall into the cult of “busy.”  I know that it is easy for us to say we are busy or easy for our students to say we are busy, but this year, it has been an extremely full first eight weeks of the semester.  Between trying to start some new initiatives on campus, change some processes, do a little home improvement, and work on the doctorate, I feel like there are so many things pulling for my attention.  And, I haven’t always been my best with others, which is also a struggle.  In some moments of stress, rather than recognizing some of my own faults, I’ve taken out my frustrations on others.  This is not who I want to be.

As a result, I took last weekend and left campus.  I left my town.  I went to Ohio to visit friends and family.  It was rejuvenating in so many ways.  I visited my good friend Liz, who helps me get through my doctoral program, and had the opportunity to see her family.  From there, I went to my sister’s house in Ohio and spent some time doing projects and seeing my nephews grow and change.  I met with colleagues and prospective students.

On the last leg of my journey, I stopped to see a colleague and talk through some dissertation ideas.  This helped me to know that I need to be doing a reflective journal.  So, from now until the dissertation is done, my hope is to do regular updates on my process.  I know I’ll find this useful in many ways moving forward.  Hopefully, this will help me to be a little more intentional and a little less full of stress as I move forward.