Now that we’re getting closer to the end of my proposal course, my proposal is coming closer to coming together.  And, as of late, I have been told on multiple occasions I need to be doing a better job of considering the researcher journal.  Apparently, I should be doing what I have been intending to do all along — taking notes on the things I am thinking about, considering for needing to look up regarding research, and other items.  So, thus begins the research journal.  I’ll put it out here for the world to see, but if at some point I feel like I need to be more reflective of anonymity, perhaps I’ll move over to a private blog.

Today I worked on: Today I had a meeting with Dr. Kuk, who is a faculty member and chair of my program.  We were discussing the feedback she gave me on my chapter one and spent a lot of time discussing my research questions.  I continue to refine them.

Questions that are looming:  Is my study more of a photovoice or photo elicitation?

I need more information about: everything.  But, on a night when I have actual study time, I’ll look to find out more.  Also, what I should be covering in this researcher journal.  If anyone has suggestions on how they’ve used theirs, I’ll happily take them in the comments section.

Future projects: critical discourse analysis of liberal arts institutions.

Goal for tomorrow: Work on the data analysis section of chapter 3.

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