Getting Back at It

Today I finally returned to a writing project I had started a couple of years ago.  I was frustrated with myself for letting it go, especially because I’ve been working on it with someone else.  I hate letting other people down and I feel like I’ve been doing that for the past several months, so taking some time to refocus on it and knowing that my upcoming weekend will be spent having a write-in at my desk and working on this article and working on my chapter 3.

Tonight my first meeting was with my colleagues working on qualitative research.  We all have such different timelines, but I always find it helpful to meet up and discuss where we are in our processes.  One of my colleagues is working on finalizing her proposal to perform an ethnography on a theater classroom to understand the culture created within that classroom.  Another colleague is working on the transition from graduate school to new professional and exploring that through a template analysis.

Coming up momentarily will be meeting with my sub-cohort through this whole process; a group that has become my rock and the individuals to whom I look for support and understanding.  They have been so valuable to me and I cherish the relationships we have created.  I even brought them up in a faculty meeting today when we were discussing learning communities, a concept we are considering for our first year experience.  (By the way, if anyone reading this has thoughts about learning communities, I’d love to hear them).

That being said, here’s my recap of where I’m at this week.


Today I worked on: I returned to my email writing project to add some citations and continue working on the finishing aspects of this.  Plan is to return to this on Friday.

Questions that are looming:  How do we communicate institutional values and outcomes in creative ways for students?

I need more information about: I’m finding myself needing to reengage with feminist literature because although I’ve studied this consistently throughout my time in academia, I’m needing to revisit and prime myself for the language of it, learning about template analysis

Future projects: seeing some possibilities around the first year experience and how we understand it

Goal for tomorrow: planning to take tomorrow off in anticipation of a writing intensive weekend


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